Sculpting your most coherent self by disarming anxiety, stress, and overwhelm with a blend of somatic yoga, yoga nidra, and Reiki.

Unwinding Early Conditioning

A lot of the patterns we run in our nervous system - things like low self esteem and self worth, inability to stay focused, inability to make wholesome decisions for ourselves, negative or undermining self talk, difficulty starting or completing projects, feelings of depression or low energy, to name a few - are patterns that developed in childhood. They are the results of the environments we spent time in, like our biological family systems, and early experiences we had in school, church, and within our peer group(s). And more often than not, they were formed with incomplete information. 

You may be wondering “What does she mean by incomplete information?”

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Understanding Triggers

A client asked me the other day, with a bit of irritation, “why don’t you start with triggers since they are the things that throw us off course?”. I loved that question because it showed me she was really committed to her path of becoming her highest, brightest, clearest most coherent self. I asked very gently, “How would you know you were triggered if you didn’t fully posses the ability to know when you are truly relaxed?

After several moments she looked up and said “Cool. I am finally getting this thing you call taking up the leadership of your life. Those triggers I have are not totally mine but they do live in my body.”

To which I said “yes-ish”. 

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Sculpting The Nervous System

It’s common knowledge that having less stress in our lives lowers our heart rate and blood pressure. It reduces the flood of cortisol and adrenaline in our blood stream and overall reduces inflammation, potentially disrupting the on-set of various diseases. Having less stress also allows more of your brain to participate in the present moment because our amygdala and brain stem are less likely to coop the moment, truncating our executive functioning and decision making abilities. 

Many would agree that having less stress in our lives improves our physical, emotional and mental health. I believe that knowing how to turn on the relaxation response can exponentially improve the quality of your life far beyond these baseline measurements.

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It's nice to meet you, I’m JeanMarie.

As a 500+ HR professional yoga teacher (Kripalu Center), a cardiac yoga teacher (The Integral Yoga Institute), a yoga nidra teacher and a Reiki Master, I focus my stewardship on enhancing somatic awareness and consciousness embodiment.

After years of teaching in my local hospitals, mentoring individuals making empowered lifestyle changes due to life-threatening illness or cancer, I now focus on working with individuals taking up the leadership of their lives. 

As my version of post graduate work, I received certification from The Academy for Guided Imagery (incorporates techniques from Jungian active imagination, psychosynthesis, neurolinguistic programming, and CBT) and The Muscular Therapy Institute.

In these extensive multi-year certification programs I developed my passion for anatomy, physiology, psychoneuroimmunology, neuroscience, and my skills as a conscious embodiment coach.